ELMIRA, NY – I am deeply grateful to the people of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes for the tremendous journey we have taken together. While this is not the outcome we had hoped for, every single participant in this campaign should be proud of a strikingly strong performance in our five rural counties on a night of historic voter turnout.


There is no doubt that the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes has roared for change, with thousands of people standing together to force a real dialogue on getting our fair share, cleaning up Albany, and standing up for our jobs, our schools, and our farms. We demand a seat at the table whether we are talking about women’s health care, conservation of our natural resources, children who arrive hungry at school, or protection of our Constitutional rights.

This is the beginning of a new era for our region. No longer will we settle for the status quo in Albany. Our leaders now have the powerful asset of an engaged electorate, and it will be up to us and to them to determine how that power gets used.

There are so many people who gave their time and hard work to build this campaign, and it is impossible to thank them all enough. I especially acknowledge my truly incredible campaign team. I am proud and humbled to have had the resounding support of labor, standing for good-paying jobs and a fair deal for working people, including the teachers union and thousands of retired and active school service related professionals, the Carpenters, Communications Workers, United Auto Workers, SEIU 32BJ, SEIU Local 200, RWDSU, UFCW, and others.

I thank all of our endorsing groups, the Working Families Party, the Women’s Equality Party, our five County Democratic chairs and all the hardworking committee members who worked tirelessly – there’s something very special about the Democrats in red counties, and I am honored to stand with you. I thank each of the thousands of volunteers across the spectrum who telephoned, knocked doors, and worked ceaselessly for change – your work is building a movement that will last far beyond this race. Finally, I thank my husband Cody and my daughters for throwing their all into this race with me. You are my world, and I love you.

I congratulate Senator O'Mara on his victory. For too long, our district has suffered from Albany's rampant corruption and a power structure that sends money downstate at our expense. Senator O'Mara has the power to change that, and I look forward to working with him in whatever way I can to help restore honesty and integrity to our state legislature.